Thursday, July 18, 2013

This Old Couch is Pretty

Well....The old porch swing couch is back in full regalia. You might ask: "Why did you choose that old fashioned print and those those awful colors and vinyl?

Here's my story. I have reasons. I love the color orange. Think on it for a minute. Orange marigolds and lilies are simple country-type blooms; carrots are my favorite vegetable and pumpkins make good pies. I've grown all.

Brown is the color of my home's walls. The soil and tree trunks are brown. Well, in my world they are. Homey eggs here are brown. My dad's, husband's, and son's eyes are brown. A daughter's eyes are brown. Brown was the color of my favorite horse - ever!

Green is grass - of course it is mostly green. Outdoor nature comes in all shades of green, even moss and fern shades! Split pea soup has the exact color of green that is in the fabric and we LOVE homemade split pea soup. Not too many people make it anymore.

Autumn leaves are orange, brown and green and so are some flowers. These are the colors that make me feel comfortable. 

And..... the printed vinyl upholstery on the swing cushions suits my eye. (It was also the only vinyl upholstery in a print that my friend who did the fine work had!) It was meant for me! 

At first I wasn't going to have vinyl but when I saw the print, I chose it, not knowing it wasn't cloth. It has texture! It won't stick to bare legs! I changed my mind. I'm happy now.


  1. I think your porch swing looks wonderful. I loved your story and your choice of print and colors.
    My favorite color is yellow but I too have always enjoyed the fall colors.
    I plan on having a print made of the brown sunflower picture you sent me. I want to frame it and hang it in my living room.

  2. All your pictures are pretty...and I love your choice of fabric for your couch. Vinyl just makes sense me, at least. I forgot....did you make it, or have it made?