Saturday, July 13, 2013

Uh! OH!

Just when we thought things were going pretty well, another shopping trip is imminent. Yesterday the propane gas grill burner split its sides and is no longer able to be used. The whole story is that we bought it in 1984 and it has lasted almost 30 years! True! We have used it several times a week, in all weather, even on freezing winter days.

It has had the burners replaced twice before, but they are not available anymore - anywhere. I even have the exact model and part number, but there are no replacement burners out there. It was the type of gas grill that had  briquettes (lava rocks) and they were replaced several times as well. The grates have lasted.

Now we understand that this type of gas grill is no longer being made. DARN! So a-shopping we will go to find a replacement. 

Maybe it has lasted so long because it was quality made. I still have all of the paperwork and see that it cost $188.00+$10.00 s&h + tax $11.88 back on July 2, 1984 at Sears. That was a lot back then! 

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  1. Yes, it was! And you got your money's worth, that's for sure! You do that with a lot of things!!!