Saturday, July 13, 2013

All is OK Now

The new gas grill is home and working! Yea!!!!! I already have chicken spiedies marinating and we'll be able to skewer and cook them, and mess up the new grill! Yea!!!!

"Spiedies, (pronounced "speedies"), are marinated cubes of meat cooked on a skewer. Originally from Italy, this delicacy seems to be found only in the Broome County area of New York State. How and when spiedies came to this area, having never been documented, remains a mystery.

Traditionally, spiedies were made from lamb. Today, however, they are made from lamb, pork, chicken, veal, venison, and beef. The cubes of meat are marinated in a sauce as varied as the types of people that enjoy them."

I recommend using no other sauce!

We like chicken spiedies best of all. I cut boneless/skinless breasts into one inch squarish chunks and marinate in a zip-loc bag for four days in the refrigerator. I squish the bag well, once a day.

The new grill is the exact same one we have in SC and we bought that one in 2011. At least husband knows how to grill on it already and there will be no "trial and errors" at all. Originally we char broiled them but now we have found that a grilling procedure works very well. There are two main rules: SLOW & LOW and turn often. YUM! 

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  1. Sounds delicious! You marinade them for four days??? That's a long time! I guess that's why our barbecue chicken was never tasty.