Tuesday, July 9, 2013

July Surgery for James

James has been through surgery for a developing skin condition. He is recuperating quite well and will be back in shape soon. This Spiritual Guardian of Cabin Tranquillity bravely endures all weather constantly and, though the affliction wasn't life threatening or extremely severe, the surgery should bring him back to his old self and he may return to fancy attire shortly.

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While his skin is healing and he's aging as nature intended, he keeps watch over the growing sedum, hosta and ferns surrounding the cabin.


  1. I hope James is recovering nicely!

    I love sedum. I had it growing in a separate flower bed at home because it does tend to spread. The butterflies and the bees love it when it blooms and then changes color from pink to orange in the fall.

  2. Boy what a great place! It's completely the opposite of where I live. I'll bet it's quiet.

  3. Poor James! But your green thumb is alive and well! What beautiful plants!!!! I wish we had some of your rain so that our plants wouldn't be dried up and brown!!!