Friday, July 26, 2013

Time Wasting #2

For some reason I have no inclination to write so I'm just wasting more time experimenting with photos.

This time I used a photo and played almost all day with "Bootz" and the textures and options available on the (free) site for doing this activity.

Click on photos for larger version

Now I've discovered that I can overlay textures of my own over one of my photos and so I sit here, trying to improve my skills at "texturing."

I have just put some of them over a flower photo of choice. I have many flower photos and think each one would have different results.

Sometimes they come out OK, sometimes with horrible results, but I keep on and am almost obsessed with trying out different things. I really like only one of these.

Then I used a friend's photos and made MORE!
I didn't use my own textures here.


  1. Geraldine, these are wonderful!!! I love them! I don't usually like those texture things....but you did a great job! I actually love these!

  2. I really like your photos as well. I will be using this progam.