Tuesday, July 16, 2013

2013 Note Cards

So far I've completed only five. I need to get out to buy some lace and ribbon. I have none left after all of my past "creations" and craft projects. I intend to make at least 15 of the flower manipulation series and 12 of the old post card collage series. My friends in SC have been pestering me for more note cards. I feel pressured to make these, even though I really enjoy only the process. Because it's so muggy and hot I'm staying indoors and this "busy work" keeps me occupied. 

Here are scans of the first five. I had to scan the white card stock behind a manilla envelope because the edges don't show well in a scan. It's tricky to tear card stock correctly. After other attempts,  I used a ruler and wire tool to grab and tear. Trial and error, trial and error, it's my way of learning. I use double sided sticky tape to mount the photos. 

They are not nearly as lovely as some other crafty cards I've seen but I like to keep mine quite plain and simple in design. The little pictures are mounted on double sided sticky foam for depth, but the scan doesn't show the real effect of depth. Yes, the luggage is authentic 1912. 

These cards fit nicely in the adhesive seal greeting card envelopes size 5 3/4 x 8 3/4 in. They require only one "regular" postage stamp.

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  1. Oh, these just get better and better! Your work has paid off!