Monday, July 15, 2013

Peaceful Place

My picture of the lake where I live on a hazy early morning was used in a local newscast. It was on a hunch that I sent it in. Made me happy he used it. Lake Chrisann was pronounced as Lake Chrisanna, but that's OK. The lake was built by Anna's husband, Irving and it is named after their first grandchild, Chrisann. 

I named the blog "Peaceful Place," but it isn't always peaceful due to increasing traffic and activities such as quad and golf cart riding, boating and fishing. There have been so many changes since my parents first had our cabin built in 1960 right across the road from the lake's edge. They named our cabin "Tranquillity" and it was tranquil then.

To me, it's still a wonderful place to live - even in the winter. There remains a good deal of interesting nature activities and subjects to learn about here. Peaceful or not, I plan to remain a resident as long as possible.

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  1. Such beautiful pictures that people submitted....and all was wrapped up nicely in a neat package with your tranquil scene....that he hoped stays just as calm the rest of the season! What an honor! Hugs!