Wednesday, February 2, 2022

February 2

Today is my daughter and son-in-law's 37th anniversary. I do remember it was snowing at the church on that day! She was a beautiful bride and is even more beautiful inside than anyone I know.

Today they are parents and grandparents. Their daughter is the mother of twin boys. Their son is a very hard worker and grows giant pumpkins. So much of life has been experienced by this couple through the past 37 years and we all wish them a Very Happy Anniversary!

By the way, today is Groundhog day! Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow so we will have six more weeks of Winter!


  1. Happy anniversary Missy and Stan!!!

  2. Beautiful couple!! It's moments like this that makes life worth living!!!

  3. I know your daughter and son-in-law have blessed you greatly ! Happy anniversary to them ❣ Just so you know.... Ontario's Wiarton Willie says there will be an early spring. You might want to move north : )

  4. Happy Anniversary to the lovely couple!

    I never pay attention to the Groundhog. -grin-

    But we are due for a winter storm, with him or without him. Ughhh...

  5. What a beautiful couple! And, as you always remind me, "Pretty is as pretty does," so that makes your daughter even more beautiful. I hope they had a wonderful anniversary.