Wednesday, February 9, 2022


Think about how often you blindly follow the crowd, whether that means observing religious customs, conforming to social norms, or succumbing to peer pressure. It’s almost as though we can’t help ourselves. We are like thoughtless lemmings heading for the ocean, exposing ourselves to physical or spiritual danger, and all because everyone else is going in that direction. Think on it!


  1. More than not...that "M" is silent!!! I love this.

  2. I think it goes back to....How ancient man needed the group, to survive. And this "Need My Group" got hard wired into the human brain. So it's still there, even when it is not so literally necessary.

    Plus, so many people still fully accept it. Making it all the harder, for individuals to say NO! I will THINK for MYSELF.

    And don't forget how powerful, shunning and being cut off from the crowd, can be! It takes a strong individual, to go his/her own way. Or bother to find their own Group.

    WONDERFUL post!

    Food for thought!!!!

    Thank you!!!!!

  3. There's that Pied Piper again! Children need to be taught by example to think for themselves.

  4. Really enjoyed your last comment on my blog. So true!

    Hope you will read my now last post.

    It is scary.