Saturday, February 19, 2022

Noontime Whiteout

As I was enjoying my Ramen lunch at 12:20 today the windows suddenly turned white! All of them! In a few minutes the blizzard blew through here! I went from one window to the next and only saw snow and blow. Even the men fishing on the lake were invisible. (They stayed out there because I saw them just after it all passed.) The event lasted just a few minutes and left a couple of inches on the ground.

Just showing you what I saw! I really don't like winter anymore but this old shelter protects. I didn't even lose power! 

I just read that there was a very bad accident on Rt 81N fairly close to here, involving many vehicles around 1:30pm. Scary! 

UPDATE: According to PennDOT, 40 to 50 vehicles were involved in the pileup during a snow squall. The northbound lane was still closed according to the 6pm TV news!


  1. Oh brrr, I hate it. I am not a fan of winter. If most of my family were not here, I would have left long ago. So sad about all the cars piling up. Pray no serious injuries. Stay safe and warm. I am glad your house is good. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. We had snow and wind too. But not as bad as this.

    Me too, I'm tired of this.