Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Today's Output

There have been more falls and the Mister is not injured badly. Yet! Good! We are just trying to keep him safe. I have never been at all interested in the medical field and this is actually a sharp learning curve. I'm trying to come to terms with change as there is no turning back. Nothing compares to the feeling of being self sufficient and I seem to have turned a corner on that. Thank goodness for caring neighbors and friends.


PT = physical therapist

OT = occupational therapist

RN = registered nurse

LPN = licensed practical nurse

TPR = temperature, pulse and respiration

BP = blood pressure

BPM = beats per minute

PR = pulse rate

HR = hazzard ratio

HR = heart rate

HRV = heart rate variability

OL = oxygen level

DM = diabetes mellitus

Rx = medical prescription

COPD =chronic obstructive pulmonary disease 

HHC = home health care

AAA = Area Agency of Aging

.........................and so many more. Not my choice of education! Click on link to see what I mean! Medical Abbreviations



  1. After my heart attack, I've learned so much...reading & nurses/doctor advice. I continue to hold interest.

    Do they know what's causing his falls / leg weakness?

    1. No particular reason yet. He is diabetic and scuffles as he walks anyway. Leg muscles not there much.

  2. Thinking of you and Ed and hoping he doesn't get badly hurt on his falls.

  3. I so hope your sweet hubby gains strength in his legs. The two of you are such a wonderful team...keep on pulling!