Monday, June 7, 2021

The Time...

After another recent fall, thank goodness with no serious injury, it was time for The Mister to be hospitalized and get better help than I can provide with all of the OT, PT, RN, LPN and friends and neighbors here. He is safe and comfortable now in the local and nearby hospital.  

His doctor has ordered tests and perhaps the awful weakness in his legs can be diagnosed. I'm OK. With so much support of various friends, including bloggers, I'm just taking it one day at a time.

I'll try to stay as positive as I can and keep on with reading and writing, which are a soothing activity and a help for me. Stay tuned.

HOT here! I don't like hot, but the AC is working well and the dehumidifier in the bathroom keeps the tank from dripping. Onward! 


  1. Sorry to hear about the fall and It's good to hear mister is getting help and is comfortable! All of this has to be very stressful! I still need to get my air conditioner in. I have a unit I roll out and it set on the floor.

  2. You both are in my prayers. I hope a positive outcome will be soon, and help thru experts will help.