Thursday, June 10, 2021

The Mister...

Just a short update here since he was hospitalized locally due to another fall on June 5. After several tests he was moved to a larger facility about 50 miles away. He had more tests and they found an abnormality in the CAT scan. He is still there after being upgraded from ICU to Step Down and then to another room.  So far he has been in four different rooms there! Telephone communication is hard for us as he is hard of hearing and his dentures were out. 

Plans are in the works to have him transferred to our local facility for his continuing therapy in the hopes he will improve and return home. That may be another happening for me to describe. Writing helps me cope. 

That's it, folks. I'm OK. Have several neighbors and friends helping me. It sure is quiet around here without the TV going all of the time.

An adult nephew has just had serious surgery today and that was a worry as well. It is over and now his healing will begin.

Our daughter brought me some of her garden peonies today and we had a good visit. The rain last night knocked many of them down. Home-grown cuttings are the best. I really don't care for florist bouquets!


  1. Still, you two remain in my thoughts & prayers.

  2. Hey hope things do bet better for you and the mister. Thinking of you both.

  3. I went to check my peonies and I do have bugs coming out but the plant looked sick. I am not sure if something got to it. I will have to wait and see. They came out great last year..but you post reminded me to go check them. Very beautiful!