Thursday, June 3, 2021

Sweet Beauty and a New Pot!

This has been a day with lots of activity. It started off with the PT giving the Mister a real workout at 8:30 AM.  Then a long-time friend and neighbor picked up my laundry and delivered it back before supper. Gee, such service! Another neighbor took the time to pick up the Mister's insulin from town and deliver it here. We don't want to run out of that as I had ordered it the day before. A phone pep talk came from our daughter who lives nearby. I went out to the road, got the mail and brought back some Iris that were in bloom at the corner of the porch so I could have their beauty nearer. I had planned ahead and had scissors with me as I was determined to have some in here. They don't last long, but I do it every year.  My mother or perhaps my father had planted them sometime in the 60 years that the cabin has been here and they are a treasure to me. There are more on the beach front, but I dare not try to walk there. The doctor's nurse called and helped with advice regarding whatever might be needed if he isn't improving. Options were discussed.    A N D... A BIG surprise delivery came from my dear "Pot Delivery Guy." You know, the artist who is a newer friend and so very talented and generous with his work and interests. WOW! WOW! It has been quite a day.

please tap on image to view larger if you please
A big thanks to all who encourage and help us through this big change in life. We have a huge support system going on and it is very helpful. The blogging community is such a strong support that I treasure it too. It is connecting. Important.

P.S. Most of my friends know that I really don't care for cut flowers from a florist and only treasure those from home-grown flowerbeds and all wildflowers. 


  1. Beautiful cuttings!! And your family & friends supporting the two of you is a god-send. You are a friend dear one, we care!!

    (And I thought I'd remind you again, I rarely open my email account unless I know someone has sent me an email. That's why I responded to older emails today 'cause you told me in blog comment today)

  2. This just proves how special you are to
    Everyone around you.

  3. Hey your very welcome! Hope you have better days for sure! Just keep plugging along! It's all we can do!