Friday, June 4, 2021

Blogging Community

I didn't realize that I would be so connected to fellow bloggers when I  started my own blogs sometime in 2009. I really had no idea what I was doing. It happened when I accidentally came across a blog written by a fellow who was in the army and living on a Texas base. His name was Walt. I was searching for printer information and he was complaining about how much ink his used. Well, it went from there. He gave me advice as to how to make my images smaller for the internet and larger for fine printing results. As we communicated he went on telling me about his young son, his new car and then his divorce. I became his sounding board for several years.

The next blogger I got very interested in was a woman who was a widow, gardener, baker, and had a neat way of writing and explaining her life. I still use many of the recipes she shared. Her name was Mary Beth. I'm sorry to say she also created a separate blog when she was going through jaw and throat cancer, explaining her journey until the end came. Several others have also done this. Reality strikes! 

Many others bloggers have come and gone. I miss some of the wonderful nature photography that several special people have shared with me. I miss the written humor that is ingrained in their personalities and comes through in their writings. Speaking of humor, there was one fellow named Paul from the Boston area that really tickled my funny bone and was so informative of the area where he lived. He was such a sharing and interesting guy. Then, one day - he was gone! from blogging, that is. I have no idea why. Guess he got tired of it. I miss him a lot.

Now when I blog I don't write for comments at all. I just like to put thoughts down, with pictures as well, but the comments that this community posts to my blogs are nice and supportive. I comment sometimes, but not always. I guess I never realized how many good people are "out there" and am appreciative to be able to read and write still.

Blogging is a release for me. It is therapeutic. I like to read and write. It's comparable to when I was young and kept a diary but a blog is more public. I'm sorry I didn't keep my diaries. It might have been interesting to re-read them today. I did keep all of the journals that I wrote through the many years we spent traveling back and forth to the SC beach.  They might be interesting for someone to read some day in the future. 



  1. Lol...I thought the Dear Diary was a link to some of your past entries to your diary.

    So many bloggers have moved on from one venue to another, or like you said...disappeared. But, new bloggers come along and perhaps we friendships. Iespecially have enjoyed yours.

    1. "we" friendships should be new friendships.

    2. Thank you. I admire your lifestyle and really enjoy yours as well. I learn something every day you post.

  2. I remember the nerve it took to put my first post out there for the whole wide world to see (as though it did!) Nook, there's so much in your About Info that I relate to. When I read the first three or four lines, I thought, "This could be me." You are an excellent writer and have a head full of sense which makes you a wonderful blogger.

  3. Loved this post! I had a few blogs I followed and I was always interested in what people might be doing. Then I got into video blogging and that was a fun community also and I made a lot of friends. What you have created here is real nice and I always enjoy seeing what you are up to, creating, or thinking about. I think you are real good at writing.