Thursday, October 22, 2020


Yesterday I dug out some tiny beads that a friend gave me several years ago and I had used most of them poking pins through the holes and creating a holiday foam ball with my design. That was 2011.

Then I remembered that I had wired a very small circular embroidery hoop with wire and small nails. It was 2009 and I gave it away.
Well it seems that I've simplified my craft projects and the results are not nearly as intricate as in the past, BUT..... Today I made the last hoop for quite a long time. It is now hanging on the front porch beam so I can watch it swing in the breeze. I hope it holds together. It should - I think!
To see better detail, please click on image.
So now it's time to get back to baking and kitchen projects. 


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  1. Your craft work is always works of art Ms. G!! What are your baking projects today?