Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Crazy Crafting

A friend recently delivered craft materials to me knowing I'd either find a way to use them or find someone who would. Much of the cache was macrame cord of all colors and wooden beads of all sizes. I'm still working on ideas for those. What really peaked my interest were the three wooden embroidery hoops and two packages of threads - special threads! I scanned the packages before opening and utilizing this marvelous material!  No!  I am not going to embroider. Those days are gone. I'm creating and crafting now.

The first package was used first on my small hoop. I really wanted to fill the center with fine gold wire zig-zagged from pin to pin but I didn't have enough so I improvised with my crystal suncatcher that a granddaughter gave me. 
To view closer please click on image

It is really pretty when a soft breeze moves the fine threads!

The 2nd package was used on the large hoop. It is in the process of a similar, but very different creation.You'll have to wait for its viewing as it isn't yet complete. 

Please don't be shocked at my use of these very expensive threads. They were just laying around in their packages for a long time and now have been released for beauty in motion - at least to me! 



  1. Wow, wow, wow...a work of art Ms. G. (I love it)

  2. I wish you could watch it slowly moving in the wind. I fixed it so it couldn't spin and tangle. A video doesn't do it justice!

  3. Well that's a different idea and very pretty. Blessings, xoxo, Susie