Monday, March 23, 2020

During This Time...

A fellow blogger had described a book she read and it sounded like one I would enjoy. Our local library didn't have it so it was ordered to borrow from another town. This is usual as I have reserved books before. They usually are available in about a week of standing by. Not this one! I waited almost a month and, thinking I missed the call that it was available to be picked up, I called. They still hadn't received it but would check. End result - after about another week it was waiting for me to pick up and I also found a couple of others that sounded interesting. So here I am, reading, reading, reading. We cannot return books when due as the library is closed. We cannot put them into the drop box either. It is sealed off.

The book was "All the Ever Afters" by Danielle Teller. I found it boring at first but closer to the end I really really liked and understood the story. When I run out of books to read I'll have to resort to reading cereal boxes like I always did as a kid. I like a book in my hands and hope to not resort to reading online! 

In the meanwhile we're hangin' in.
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    1. Yes. The first one is from a photo my Niece sent me of her kids in a tree. The second is of a granddaughter (age 16) social distancing.

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