Thursday, March 12, 2020

Warming, Charming, Fixing

As I looked out the window this morning I was delighted to see my first robin - from far away, but definitely identified. It was picking for worms on the dam bank.
Twice now a bird has flown in and perched on my pine cone mobil. They don't stay there very long when they realize this tree branch has too much swing and sway for easy balance!
So far there are two pairs of Canada geese looking for a nesting spot along the lake's edge. The Bufflehead ducks stand out very well and, they are very busy diving. It's entertaining to see the dark colored "dippers" popping down under the surface and then coming up in unexpected spots after a bit of fishing. I think they are Scaups. There is a fur bearing head popping up sometimes, perhaps a muskrat; definitely not a beaver. 

Hopefully, I'll be out and about riding in my golf car taking pictures very soon - I'm waiting for the muddy road to dry out. In the meantime I've called our local contractor to come take a look at the leaning post on the front porch and the front gutter situation. The porch concrete on the corner has cracked and tipped down so the pillar is now leaning. It became very evident after the foliage was removed.
The big old Seedum on that corner hides a lot, doesn't it?
AND....A new roof is going to be discussed. The probable cost scares me out of my wits, but it's time. 22 years ago it was replaced. I'd also like to be adventurous and consider the metal kind. We shall see. The colors of  brown and dark green seem pleasing in my imagination. Gotta be sensible, though. Major project! Stay tuned. 
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  1. A green roof would be my choice too.

    I'm back from my spring break hiatus, and enjoying my catching up with bogging buddies right now.

  2. We sometimes take our lunch to the lake on the river where there are lots of waterfowl. It's a peaceful place, and the birds are quite entertaining. Lucky you to live where you can peer through a window to see all the fun!