Monday, March 9, 2020

Back in Business

Well I'm feeling back to normal now so no more word sillies. An almond pound cake was baked.
I took off James' scarf and holiday bells this morning. Still frozen but drying out in front of the heater.
I took pictures of the daffodils that are poking up through the frozen soil. Then I looked back two years ago and was quite surprised that the season this year is very different than the past. Every spring I take pictures of these old bulbs bursting through the frozen soil. You see, my mother planted them when the cabin was first built and they have survived for almost 60 years.
 March 9 this year 
March 9 last year (2019)
March 17 two years ago! (2018)
March 15 three years ago! (2017)
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And so it goes...62° 3:45 this afternoon!

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  1. This March is definitely different from 2017! It feels like spring here. I can't believe we won't have more freezing weather, probably in April!