Monday, March 16, 2020

Social Distancing

I don't have a problem keeping busy. At first I thought I'd make a batch of no knead cinnamon rolls, but there would be too many and not good options for sharing at this time so I changed gears. I made Anni's "Candy Bark." She published her "How to..." quite a while back around Christmastime, but it has been on my mind for a while and the ingredients have been waiting for my action. I was very surprised how easy it was to make and how GOOD! Nice treats are handy and welcome here. I used white chocolate and ground walnuts instead of what the recipe gives, but is was a personal choice.*
Candy Bark
First, line a cookie sheet with waxed paper.
In a medium to large bowl pour in a small bag of chips (12 oz.) (chocolate, dark, milk, white, peanut butter)

Add:  1 tsp. oil or shortening.

Melt at high for 30 seconds in the microwave. Take out and stir. Put the bowl back in the microwave and cook for another minute  (depending on your microwave, it could be less time or longer time). Do not overcook.

Take out, stir until creamy and lump-free.

Pour onto papered cookie sheet, spread the mixture evenly. *(I clipped two clothespins at each end of the tray to keep waxed paper from moving.)

Top melted chips with *lightly salted almonds (crushed with a rolling pin). Press almonds into the mixture. Use a slightly dampened hand to keep the nuts from sticking to your hand. Chill until well set. Break into pieces.

And then I created "Monkeys in a Tree" using an image of my great nephew and great niece from Philadelphia keeping active outdoors.
Original image taken by their mother
My version
please click on image to view larger


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