Monday, September 17, 2018

Danger, Damage and Drama - Dream

I have never considered myself to be a drama queen, but in my dreams I sure am. I’m one of those people who not only dreams every night I remember my dreams in the morning - well most of the time, anyway. I usually give the Mister highlights of these just in case one might really mean something someday. Way back in my past I have some that did. Really.

I take a daily nap and don’t dream then — at least never have remembered any before today! Well this was a doozy and I must tell somebody! You, my readers are chosen. It was frustrating, sad, exciting, annoying, and more. In spite of it I had a good long nap! WOW what a DREAM!  Go on that ride with me now.

The first thing I remember is my brother backing a large flatbed trailer into our shed. The contents were covered by a black tarp which was full of protruding lumps. Next he came into the cabin and all of a sudden there were kids racing across the dam road in cars, twisting and turning. One girl lost control and drove right into the lake in her small white car. She climbed out, swam to the edge and walked up the bank and into the cabin - soaking wet. I was annoyed because of all of the oil and gasoline that was now in the lake, causing pollution. At that time I was sitting on the porch in the swing with my lifelong deceased girlfriend’s son. He had his arm around my shoulder and was trying to console me about the lake. The next thing I knew there were other youngsters, older teens both boys and girls, all over inside the cabin just chatting away and nosing around everywhere. They were snooping in my refrigerator and bedroom, making themselves comfortable on the living room furniture and munching and slurping on whatever they found. I went into the bathroom and found that the toilet paper was all gone and there were paper towels in the wastebasket. The rugs were askew and my worst thought was that they might have used paper towel and put it into the toilet! (I always have a lot of TP rolls on hand in real life.) The medicine cabinet was left open so I know someone was looking for the kind of meds that we never have anyway. The lights were left on.

There was a fist fight out in the driveway between a couple of boys and one was ostracized away by the others so he just walked down the road and disappeared. Let me tell you the girl’s screeching and yelling during the scramble was ear piercing!  When I came back indoors the kids were removing the screens on the cabin windows and opening those old swing-in windows wide. Of course, bugs were coming in to the odor of all of the food being a prominent lure for them. I became furious in feeling but I never said a word of correction. After they left — on their own accord, I had a big cleanup. Remember this was a dream. It was a noisy, intrusive event and I  never ever want to think of experiencing something like it when awake!

What did it mean? Well I really don’t care and don’t want to analyze it, but absolutely do not want to dream at naptime again.
Please click on image to view Dream creation
By the way, I always dream in full color plus all other senses.


  1. Dream or not I would be yelling at all of them!

  2. Well that was real twilight zone material! I rarely remember very few of my dreams. Though I do remember one I had as a kid after watching the original Frankenstein movie. Your art work is beautiful. They kind of remind me of the late 60's and early 70's... if ya know what I mean?

  3. Wow. That was a pretty vivid dream. I wish I could remember mine.

  4. That wasn't much of a dream...more like nightmare in the middle of the afternoon.