Saturday, September 22, 2018


For several years when we had our place at the beach in SC, we used to go to Pizza Hut with another couple. Although I rarely drink beer, I enjoy it in a frosted heavy glass mug. I like this type of mug so much that at the end of the meal I boldly asked if they would sell me one. Nope, they couldn’t, according to the waitress. Then they thought it over back in the kitchen and she said they could give me one and write it off as being broken. Ok, so I had my very own mug. Took it home in a paper bag so other customers couldn’t see and want one too!

I tried this again another time with different management at the same place with the same result! Now I had two of these mugs!

I brought them back to PA with us a couple of years ago. I’ve only used one at this time of year for the Sam Adams Octoberfest (in a bottle of course). I don’t like drinking out of a bottle now but that beer sure is great in the glass mug. I realize there are many other "Oktoberfest" beers but this one is fine for us.   

What I’m building up to here is what happened last night when the Mister asked me if I would like an Octoberfest and I agreed. He took the bottle top off and brought it to me at the dining room table with one of the frosted mugs. I started to pour it and…WHOOPS! My mug was overflowing! What??? I had a mess but the question was WHY? I thought I had frozen water in the mug at first, instead of giving it a rinse before putting it in the freezer. Nope. Look at the pictures. Which mug would you pour your beer into?
Joke’s on me! The Mister had put the mug on the table upside down and neither one of us realized it. Wasted some good beer, dear! 


  1. I'll try this again. At this point all seems to be working. Yup the Sam Oktoberfest is mighty good beer. I first learned of Sam Adams 3000miles away in California in 2006.
    Sam is mighty tasty in a frosted mug providing you pour it in the right end.

  2. That is so funny! I'd probably be slurping beer off the table too!!