Friday, September 28, 2018


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Unfortunately there were several of our favorite varieties that did not meet the orchard's standards for sales, and one of those is the Macoun! It was determined that all of the wet weather caused the non-production of these to be the cause. We'll have to wait until next year.

However, today we did pick up a peck of Cortlands for our daughter and 1/2 a peck for ourselves plus four half gallons of cider to top off and freeze. We have two left from last year so we'll probably only get six or eight more on the next trip out. 

Did you know how well cider freezes? There is absolutely NO loss of flavor or texture in this cider from the orchard. All I do is top off to the shoulder of the bottle, put the cap back on and put in the big freezer. I don't think it would stay as well in the refrigerator freezer as the temperature goes up and down in there.

Some applesauce is in our future, whenever I get in the mood! We're looking forward to another trip to the orchard. 
The peck was divided in half for easier carrying
Before topping and freezing


  1. No, I did NOT know you could freeze cider. Bud likes, not so much. Gimme apple pie or dumplings and I am very happy.

  2. I'll go with the apple pie as well as I just made coffee.