Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Planning Ahead

Our daughter brought TWO MORE of our wonderful Oxheart tomatoes from a garden in NJ to us this weekend. These last two were grown from seedlings PA daughter started and grown by NJ daughter. Now insurance for more next year is my part. I have saved seeds from the first three, some from the next two and will still save some from these two beauties before eating them.
It is a process as there aren't really many seeds in the Oxhearts. I just scoop them out with a teaspoon as I slice and then they ferment in their own juice in a small jar for about a week or more. They are next rinsed with cold water in a plastic mesh strainer and separated and dried on newspaper (never paper towel). They will be stored in paper inside a pill bottle in the freezer until next spring. Seeds from batch #1 below.
They came from these three:
Seed batch #2 below:
The above seeds came from these three:
I REALLY love to share the pure seeds from these wonderful tomatoes, especially now that I don't grow them anymore.

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  1. Truly, they look so very delicious! I can see why you save the seeds!!