Monday, September 3, 2018

Trial and Trial...

Years ago when I was a young girl I was given a wood burning kit. It lasted for many years and I loved using this hot tool. As I grew, I used my imagination on the fungi that I found on the decaying trees. I picked and scratched pictures on to the white side of them. Today they are called "artist conks." If you Google the phrase you will see what they look like and some of the wonderful renditions of  the scratching and burning and even painting that is done to them.

I thought I'd like to try it again so my daughter found a couple for me. I borrowed my grandson's girlfriend's wood burning tool to try my hand at it one more time.

My problem is that I hate getting art supplies out and then having to put them away because I don't have a dedicated workspace. Well it doesn't matter really anyway because my old hands don't work well now, they ache and my control is lost. The resulting art pieces are shown below. It's my last hurrah at this but I tried. I have two more of the conks and hope someone will be found to use them. They are not poisonous nor are they edible. Some call them the canvas of the forest. At the bottom of my images is a link to information about these.
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