Sunday, April 15, 2018


The death of very nice friend during this past week has impacted us strongly and brought forth so many memories of those who also have gone on before. At least thirty of those have been brought to mind and I think of many of these friends very often.

Our SC "beach" friends who are not now here on earth include Charlie H., Cliff W., Doug M., Howard S., Joe B., John B., Keith G., Max C., Morris M., Odeen F., Ray V.,  "Snooky," Ginny S., Joan M., and Mary D. All of these friends have died during only the past ten years.

Some of our PA friends and nearby neighbors who have died throughout the past ten years include Alvin S., Bernie Z., Bill M., Floyd W., Gordon S., Harold E., Jack W., Joe C., Larry C., Paul K., Rich C., Rolly L., Jan L., Jane C., Joan W., and Nancy B.

Dean B., Marion L., Doyle T., Thelma H., Beverly S., Marge, Bill and Dave R., Millie and John Y., Joe and Betty G., Elmer, Harriet H. and Lola W., "Papa," Bill and John D., died earlier. There are more. Their memories remain very strong in our hearts.

To most of you who will read this, they are just names. To some of you they are also in your own memories. This list doesn't include any relatives or family members. I'm not going there today.
Tranquil Transition
You can take all of your memories with you and you can leave memories for others. Memories don't die.


  1. That was a moving post Geraldine. All the relatives of my parents generation are gone and two friends have passed. In many ways it makes me think about how lucky I've been in my life.

  2. I remember some of those SC beach friends