Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Movie Star Memories

When I was around age ten I started collecting 8" x 10" movie star photographs. Of course it started out by learning how to write letters with words that were asking for something. They were called "request letters." I have no memory of how I secured the correct addresses to use, but I must have had help in that area.

We children went to the movies quite regularly in those days and the posters at the theaters usually had pictures of the movies that soon were to be shown. I was taken by the beautiful women and handsome men on those posters and remembered their names to write my letters. Of course the movies we saw were  Bambi, Dumbo, Snow White, Cinderella, Oz and others of that type plus Tom Sawyer and The Robinson Family. My mother would buy a string of tickets and it was a regular Saturday event. Usually she didn't go with us - I mean only my brother or my girlfriend and I attended together. That is how it started. As time went on a movie date was common and the drive-in movies were popular. I was still entranced by the actresses and actors.

I ended up with a very large photo album with a collection that grew from 1946 to 1955. When I left home after marriage, I left it there and I have never seen it since nor know where it ended. I never even asked. I had moved on.

What prompted me to write today was a movie I watched in its entirety the other night, "Easter Parade." Sometimes I go to the Turner Classic Movies cable channel and am brought back many years through these old classics. I haven't sat in a real theater to watch a movie in years. The 1968 Planet of the Apes was my last one! That's 50 years of abstinence!

I thoroughly enjoyed the 1948 movie (108 minutes) starring Judy Garland, Ann Miller, Fred Astaire and Peter Lawford! The dancing was spectacular. And....I had forgotten how well Judy and Ann danced! I had only remembered that Judy sang with a strong voice and that Fred used to dance with Ginger Rogers and Rita Hayworth.

I sure would like to have my photo album back! Some of the photos were signed, actually by the stars! I thought I was in love with Charlton Heston too...

Just watch Ann in this video and you will see a great dancer! About halfway through she really goes at it!!!!
 1948 Ann Miller
    Watch Judy's legs and feet!
    1948 Judy Garland

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