Friday, April 13, 2018

Back When...April 13

It was 51 years ago that our third daughter was born. The Mister missed her actual birth as she arrived fast. In fact, he was parking the car after leaving me at the front door of the hospital where a wheelchair and nurses and my mother were waiting for me. I was wheeled into a labor room and was quickly transferred to the bed when... VA VOOM! A perfect baby girl was born. My mother was the first to see her and then the Mister arrived after running down the aisle and she told him he was a minute too late!

A week later we all went from home in North New Jersey to Cabin Tranquillity in Pennsylvania for a lovely April weekend. She already had two big sisters ages 11 and 7 and two big brothers ages 10 and 9. There would be a baby brother the following year. 
My dad, "Putter Pop" is in the background.
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  1. Lovely pictures! Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  2., so sweet!

    Hope she's celebrating in style

  3. That’s a great story. Happy Birthday to your daughter

  4. Yup Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    I want to thank you for all the kind things you wrote on my blog.