Friday, November 10, 2017

Weather Report

It is a sunny windy day here with a few light flurries BUT I am not venturing out. Yesterday I took a ride around on the golf car and froze my fingertips even though I was wearing gloves!

As I looked out my window at 8AM it was 25° and after the sun had moved, at 8:50AM it was still 25°. Brave souls with red noses were out there walking dogs, not seeming to care and possibly even enjoying the brisk air. 
We had a fellow come last week to clean the leaves out from the gutters and rake up and dispose of the pine cones on the grassy beachfront. He had three heaping wheelbarrows full. This year there are an abnormal number of them. Well, this week the Mister has been doing a little more raking himself with four piles to be picked up yet. 
Earlier I spent about an hour watching, through the dining room window, five red squirrels going up and down the pine trees and racing from tree to tree across the grass. Those little devils are quick! They were in a frenzy with all of the seeds to pick up and get stored before winter. In the carport by the back door, mouse #5 was trapped and the trap is reset. 

Me, I stayed indoors and baked cookies. The "easy" kind. They are tasty but lack the buttery flavor that scratch cookies have. 
I don't know what I did when I took this shot but I LIKE IT! It is untouched and wraps up my weather report - in its own way.
(It is now 22° at 10:45 AM and very windy.)
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  1. I use those easy cookies too sometimes & they are good not the same as scratch but good. I braved the wind & cold at 9:30. It was brisk but I am thankful to be able to walk (although I did come upon two dogs on the loose.).

  2. Weather pretty safe to talk about...It does does spill the apple cart...Coffee is on