Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Bakin' Fool!

Yep! That's me! It comes on strong when the cold weather prevails. It used to be that I would create and make many different and enjoyable crafts during these cooler days, but now my hands won't work as they used to and I've moved on. 

This morning I baked a pumpkin pie so we could have something for lunch dessert instead of all of those cookies! Let me tell you "It was good to go!" as they would say but it was finished too late to share with the weekly visitor who takes our trash away. He only got a bunch of cookies. 
While I was in the swing of things, I put together a crust to bake and fill later for supper. I chopped a slice of ham into small squares and mixed them in with left over drained mixed vegetables. It is a quiche in the works.

Want recipe? just ask.


  1. All of your pictures look good enough to eat.

  2. I'm asking especially for the quiche. It looks so good.

  3. I make pumpkin pie but once a year...and instead of condensed milk, I use egg nog in my much creamier and smooth!

    Now, that quiche? DEEEEElicious, I bet. Recipe? Yes!!! Hope you post it sometime soon.