Saturday, November 11, 2017

Get Real

Stop reading right now if you don't know that we kill mice that trespass and intrude and cause damage to our property. Do you know that there are many diseases mice carry that may be transmitted to humans or pets? ...that they can squeeze themselves into your home through a very small crack or gap?
I mentioned in yesterday's story about mouse #5 being trapped and the trap reset. It is a fact of life here that the mice invade our homes at this time of year. We kill them. Several years ago they got into the cabin when we were in SC and stored and hoarded the pellets that were left for them in my printer and completely ruined it with their body wastes. Another time we returned late at night from SC only to find that they had invaded all of my kitchen cupboards at floor level and dirtied every single bowl, pot, pan, utensil and shelf. I went to war because, later on I found that my linen closet had been invaded and many materials destroyed. We did find their main entry hole in a bottom log crack and plugged it well. We don't go south now and are here so the control is easier. A single trap placed outside by the back door is the most efficient method. Peanut butter is the bait we use. 

We also have glueboards on the floor in the closets to help with spider and millipedes - not mice. We don't check it often. This morning one of the boards was out of the closet (the bottom of doors don't reach the floor and there is about a one inch gap) and in the room by the door. A very newly expired mouse was there! Now we have to search for another entry. Maybe since we no longer have our dog, the regular snap traps will be used. I really don't like to think of the struggle it went through to free itself before dying. Of course, we could always get a cat!

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  1. I'm a 'farm girl' so, nothing startles me or makes me cringe. I've seen it all. And the nasty, dirty waste from rats/mice/cockroaches....get 'er done!!!!!!