Sunday, November 26, 2017

Current Events

I have had the yarn on hand for over a year when I first saw an easy pattern for a garter stitch-only hat and purchased two skeins. I had given away my many sets of needles years ago when my hands didn't seem to be functioning very well and never thought I'd be knitting anything again. Well..... I asked two neighbors if they could knit the hat for me. They don't knit! I then asked one if she had any needles and, as I suspected, she did, as they were her mother's but not the size that was called for. She surprised me a couple of days ago by bringing me a new set in the correct size.  I was very grateful and started the knitting project. WELL.....I soon learned that I should have had longer needles. Too bad, too late so I shall continue using them until my project is complete. In the past I have knitted many items; sweaters, mittens, hats, scarves, vests, blankets and more. Today I can get through a couple of rows a day but will, yes I WILL get this hat made! When I reach the completion of 61/2 inches I will then start to decrease and the stitches will fit better.  
Our son from about 80 miles away stopped in yesterday with his lady and we all had a nice visit. 
The mouse down count is now up to six. The red squirrel down count is three with at least three more to go. 
Oh, and the turkey is gone. And the leftover acorn squash will soon become a pumpkin pie. 
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