Friday, August 4, 2017

To the Farm Market

It was a nice ride through the countryside and the parking lot was full when we arrived. Of course we got corn, and a cantaloupe plus one large tomato. I wandered around the parking lot and enjoyed the flowers that are so very fitting for a farm market atmosphere. There were many sunflowers growing along the fence but only in one area were they large and in bloom; there are many more to mature. The cosmos flowers are all around as are the zinnias. Inside, I noticed many freshly pulled large onions, cabbage heads - already stripped of outer leaves and ready to use - cucumbers galore and peaches too. I plan to wait for the Loring freestone peaches which come in at the end or the month. In my opinion they are the VERY best! I now have a dehydrator that was a Christmas gift from a daughter and I plan to use it very soon. 

My brother visited and brought some of his homemade peach and wild blackberry jams. WOW are they tasty! He called me to say he had many ripe berries and wanted to know if I would like some. I had to turn him down. I just don't can anymore and wasn't in the mood to make freezer jam, either. No seeds in the blackberry as I requested. Yes, I have special requests once in a while. 

The pictures of the teasel at the end here, show the bands of flowerets as I took a ride on the golf cart to cut off two more. I thought they were interesting. 
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