Sunday, August 20, 2017

Beautiful Rideabout to Neighbor's

On Friday morning I awoke with extreme pain in my left eye and I couldn't open it at all because it hurt so. My local ophthalmologist wasn't in so I traveled to another one about 28 miles away. The Mister drove. After intense examination it was determined that I had a sudden corneal erosion without specific reason or cause. He explained what might have happened. Thank goodness for the numbing drops that allowed for the exam. He sent me home with a contact lens "bandaid" inserted and a prescription for an antibiotic. I am to return in 3 days. At least it doesn't hurt now, just tears and my vision in that eye is comparable to looking through wax paper. I can look forward to complete healing soon. For more information on this you can check out the link at the bottom of this page.

It was such a beautiful day that I took a ride in the golf car down the road and up a rough road to the top of a hill to visit a neighbor. They weren't home but I took pictures and left. On the way up I had spotted ripening elderberries at the side of the road. I am sorry that no one seems to be reaping the wonderful elderberries to make jams and syrups as I did so many years ago. They are plentiful and ripening beautifully. I have the old recipe if anyone would like to do this. I just don't have the energy nor the equipment but would be happy to share the process. See what I found!
EASY to make!
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  1. My goodness...I'm surprised no one is picking them! Guess the modern age it's too convenient to go through all the work and processing when you can just go to a store and buy it already made.