Thursday, August 17, 2017

Short 'N Sweet

The peaches came out GREAT!!!! Only took 17 1/2 hours. Taste remained fantastic. I shall do this again and can't wait for apples to come in. The photo shows them in a large deep vegetable serving bowl, and now they are bagged and stored.
I sliced the large OXHEART tomato today and saved the seeds in a jar to ferment. There are only a few of these precious seeds as this tomato is mostly meat and flavor. Hopefully, our daughter will bring some back with her after a visit with her NJ sister. They came on strong there and may be finished. I am the "seed saver" and MY seeds always germinate perfectly. 
 That is a TEASPOON!
I saw this young blue heron standing on my neighbor's dock this morning. Isn't he beautiful?
please click on image to view larger

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