Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Eclipse Fever

A granddaughter from the state of NY and a great granddaughter who lives in CO each sent me their phone photos of the Great Eclipse and I interpreted them - my way.

I remembered seeing an image that Jennifer sent me of her newly painted nails. I took it and placed it on her eclipse shots. I wasn't satisfied with the first two so I went into deep water and really expressed my feelings. She was a bit dismayed because I made her hands look so old! Sorry sweet, it is only your off-the- wall grandmother playing again.
The CO picture came first to her mother and then to me. I immediately saw hers as an eye pupil and proceeded to wild it up a bit. Getting carried away like this is very relaxing for me. Sometimes I think I'm not in the here and now.
    My process...    
please click on image to view larger
I'm glad all of the hoopla is over.

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