Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hungry Hummers

A week ago the feeder on the porch was accidentally broken late in the day. The next morning the Mister went to town and picked up a replacement. He tried to get one that was similar -  it is.  It was funny and yet concerning to see the little ones fly in only to be disappointed not to find their evening and early morning sweetness. They looked, and looked, then checked out every other hanging thing then flew away. As soon as I washed and filled the new one they arrived back but it did take a while for them to be comfortable and they knew something was different. The flowers were softer and the perch went all around the bottom. After just a couple of days, they were all coming (and fighting) as many as before and it was good.

At the beginning of this week I received a gift box in the mail and it contained a new hummingbird feeder to replace the broken one. Well it is beautiful! I snatched the metal hanger to use right away, but am keeping the new glass feeder for next year's arrivals. I just don't want to confuse them more this late in the season.

Guess what!  This is the very first time I have had two at the feeder, perch and drink at the same time! I take the pictures through the indoor and storm window so I can capture them better.
Did you notice the pretty hanger?
Here is what they will drink from next year!
click on image to view larger

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