Monday, August 28, 2017

New to Me

I have not ever had a dehydrator before this year and it is a trial and error thing for me to try several projects. The first, wild blackberry leather failed. I just didn't have enough pulp and it was all juice after straining. It ended up being tasty jelly and has already disappeared.  The next project was dried peach slices. They came out great but the drying took longer than the manual said it would. Then my peach leather project was perfect! Now I have tomato slices filling all four trays and expect it to be a 12 hour process. I have plans to use these, don't worry!

The best part is that these tomatoes are the Oxhearts from which I saved the seeds from last year. My PA daughter started the seedlings and grew a few this spring.  She took some to my NJ daughter who grew great ones this year. PA daughter brought four beauties back to me from NJ daughter after vacationing together at the NJ beach last week. Whew! We had a great tomato to eat, I'm currently dehydrating three and saving seeds for next year. (I do ramble on, don't I?)  Don't forget to click on image to view larger and you will soon ask for some seeds for yourself to plant next year.
Bottom Tray 1
Tray 2
Tray 3
Top Tray
Saved seeds as I sliced
They will ferment for about a week
After fermenting they will be strained and dried

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