Saturday, August 19, 2017


Last night I prepared three of the large peaches for freezing. Each one had the pit removed,  peeled, cut up, soaked in pineapple juice and then pieces positioned without touching each other on parchment paper over a cookie sheet and placed in the freezer. Of course I had to juggle things around in there to make space for the peaches. Overnight they froze and this morning I removed them from the freezer and put them in a plastic freezer bag and removed all air. Back into the freezer they went and there is just the right amount to make another cobbler or pie. The pictures were taken right after I put them in the bag. There was a new recipe shown this morning on a show I watch every Saturday and I intend to use it very soon. It calls for 8 eggs! I need eggs! Look for Peach Casserole and recipe soon.
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  1. Peach casserole?...a main dish or dessert?

  2. So sorry to hear about your eye. Hope it will clear up soon. Keep us informed Sending a huge hug.