Saturday, March 5, 2016

Plowing Through...

...stacks and stacks of loose snapshots and portraits to organize and fill and label in old-style blank albums. I needed to divert for a bit today. The difficulty lies in the fact that I get materials out and start to work when it becomes time to clear it all out for lunch. Then I get back to my work and have to clear out for supper. It is difficult and annoying but there is no other place besides the dining room table to continue without interruptions. 
Maternal Grandparents on Honeymoon 1896
Mother and Father on honeymoon 1934

The lake has totally thawed and now is sporting a skim of ice. Many Canada geese and various species of other waterfowl have returned - already! The winter that never really was! I want to finish this project and be free again!

From the April 1975 issue of Countryside and Small Stock Journal:

"Spring is the season of hope, because a young man’s fancy turns to love…and because an old man stoops to plant tiny seeds in the moist and fertile soil without even bothering to wonder whether he’ll be the one to reap the harvest. In spring, it really doesn’t matter."

~Jerome D. Belanger, Beyond the Sidewalk~