Monday, March 21, 2016

Spring Warming

Soon the little snakes will be coming out to warm up on the rock shelves. I love to see them there. Now that the weather is becoming more friendly, I may be able to trek about a little and see my wonderful surroundings closer. Nature is WONDERFUL!
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The daffodils are coming up well and soon I'll plant some flower seeds(in the house).


  1. Oh my are the ONLY one who I know that looks forward to snakes. Good lord. I can send you our coral snake, moccasins, garter, rattlers, king, and all here if you'd like. No, wait....never mind. That would mean ME shipping them. Nosirree Bub!!

  2. It's funny around here, well not funny ha ha, but though this is a densely populated area I will say that people in the past did set aside a lot of parks, green spaces and forested areas. Then you have the rest of the state, small as it is, that apart from the metropolitan Boston area is quite country with only 4 cities with around 100,000 in population.