Saturday, March 26, 2016


The party is over and I’m now officially 80!  Yesterday was a good day and even though I told all that I wasn’t celebrating and wished to keep a low level and have a quiet day, the UPS truck stopped with a delivery from our New Jersey family, the phone rang several times with greetings from friends and other family members and the mailbox was quite full. My e-mail had greetings as well! Our daughter who lives nearby sneaked in the day before, leaving flowers and candy while we were taking our nap and we never heard her. Our son came from ninety miles away bringing his son and daughter and gifts. That was a surprise and a delight. Since I hadn’t seen her since she was married two years ago, I was able to give her the hand knitted blanket that my mother made and several other treats. The male components took a break from the house, retreating to the shed and motorized stuff to avoid woman talk while she installed an art program as a gift for me. 

Today I dressed James in his Easter bow as I felt guilty still having him in winter attire. It’s beautiful here but still chilly and the daffodils are still not out!  
Happy Easter!

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  1. wonderful! happy 81st year ahead!

  2. Happy Birthday! Very nice pictures! We ended up with a beautiful day also though it was a bit on the chilly side. Weather people said it would be overcast with peeks of the sun. It started out that way then the clouds disappeared and it was clear blue and sunny. Sorry I started to write a blog instead of a comment.