Sunday, March 27, 2016

Easter Good Old Days....

Since I'm working on my old albums now, I thought you might enjoy seeing these. In 1962 we were a family of four children on Easter.
In 1966 the girls got new hats, coats and dresses and the boys new jackets and ties.
My family in 1968 There is one missing because he didn't arrive until October. Notice we couldn't replace the old outfits of the girls for about 4 years but they never complained. New shoes  for all HAD to be purchased and new jackets and pants for the boys who seemed to grow faster than the girls. 
Easter today shows a GREAT GREAT Grandson enjoying a cupcake! His Great Grandfather is the boy pushing the cart in the photo above.


  1. Some of the pictures didn't post but I liked the ones that did. I am in the middle of scanning some old photos and redoing them. It was a project I started last year. I made two albums to give to my sisters and now I'm making one for myself.

  2. My goodness....time flies. It's amazing to know the generations are still holding strong within your family! Both in being together and being the loving family it's meant to be.