Sunday, March 27, 2016

'Tis the Season.....

With a flurry of wings all sorts of birds and waterfowl are mating, and causing quite a ruckus - on the lake and in the woodland. I woke up to their songs that were throughout the thickets behind the cabin. 

I sat on the front porch this morning trying to get a good picture of a little duck that has been hanging out at my end of the lake - all week - all alone. It dunks its head sometimes, but mostly just paddles around by itself, never joining in with the buffleheads or the mallards. It is a very fluffy and small critter but, unfortunately never came close enough to the shore for me to get a good picture. This is the best of 31 shots! Awful. Just take my word for it that it is very busy and healthy acting and tiny.
After I came indoors wouldn't you know that a PAIR of pileated woodpeckers landed on our "woodpecker tree" that is on the beachfront close to the water. Well, again, I wasn't able to get a sharp photo but it was exciting anyway. They had better not peck on the cabin!
Maybe I should stick to taking flower pictures.


  1. Stop in from Hootin Anni...I recall my father in law would wait hours to get the right bird photos.
    Coffee is on

  2. One of the things I love about Spring is sitting outside and watching the little critters around me. I like the pictures of the woodpeckers, too.

    To answer your question, I usually get one of my daughters or my husband to help me when I'm taking pictures. If I'm not crazy about how the picture turns out then I'll just take it myself and have one of them pose. Hey, whatever works, right?

    By the way, Happy Birthday!!!

  3. I like the woodpecker pictures. That sounds like Woody Woodpecker's motion picture company. Maybe someday I will live in a less urban environment. Western Ma. appeals to me as does New Hampshire, which is a much cheaper living environment but I would miss living 5 miles from Boston.