Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Write Your Own....

This is mine - Written in 2011.

The Obit

 The Obit - Support your local undertaker - drop dead.
Geneveva Molly Rideout of Uphill, died suddenly on Someday, Montha 99, 2016 in bed.
Born March 25, 1936 in Hungover, she was the daughter of the late GNN and PFN (D).
She loved working with craft materials, reading, baking, playing on her computer, and doing research projects. She was an exceptional horsewoman and lover of all of nature's creations. She was overly critical and excessive in her opinions, with a somewhat bold attitude. She surrounded herself with an invisible barrier of protection from emotional hurt. Her injuries were severe and long lasting and she never recovered from them.

The family would like to thank all of her friends for their compassion and understanding of her cantankerous nature and obsessive behaviors.

Survivors include her longtime husband, De Deer of Hungover, daughters and sons-in law LLR and RK of Busyville NJ, SLC and ESS of Italyville, NJ, and MLCR and SDB of Hungover, PA, her sons and daughters-in-law LMC and SDH of Stoutville, PA, EGR and PPP of Scratchton, PA; 10 grandchildren; 6 great grandchildren; sister, JCNE of Uphill, PA; and brother, PMN of Painlessville, PA.

Besides her parents, she was predeceased by her son, CGG in 1994 and sister, JCNC in 2004.

There will be no visitations and no services. Forget the flowers, music, donations, tributes and eulogies. She wants you to just share anything and everything you have with others so you will fulfill her dream of understanding others and being understood.  She came, she propagated, she shared, she left.

Interment is no one's business, but you might be interested in her epitaph which will read this way:

“I told you I was sick!”

Published in the local blab rags.

by GMR 12/17/11


  1. humorous and touching at the same time.

  2. Now I'm wondering just what my Obit would read like....

    But my epitaph would surely be something like Kiss my A$$ or something similar. [snort]

  3. Now I never thought about this but I may have to make one up. I may have to look to George Carlin for inspiration. He was much smarter and funnier than I am.