Monday, July 20, 2015

Corn and Cake

We are livin' it up!
 Corn for supper - the first this year. Bought from our local farm stand in town from Lancaster PA .
 Who says it's too hot to bake a cake? Not here.
I added some fine crumbs that I made in the food processor from dried out cherry chocolate brownies, to the glaze.
Click on image to drool...


  1. The corn looks divine! I so love fresh produce. Pretty chocolate cake you baked. It's so hot here you could probably bake it on my driveway. :/

  2. Wow, you are always busy with something interesting. Food looks great!

  3. Oh MAN! Your killing me with that cake! I'm getting a tall cold glass of milk! Is there anything better than chocolate cake and milk? I'll be right back.

  4. I'm back. Hey?! Where's my piece?