Thursday, July 16, 2015

New Happenings on Our Property

We are trying to make things easier around here. The Mister can no longer work so hard at getting the portable generator in place, hooking it up and storing enough gasoline to run it for several hours -  especially in sub zero degree weather. Winter power failures will definitely cause frozen water pipes. We can't have that!
Automatic standby generator delivered
It's definitely exciting to have these different and new things. "It's so nice to have some men about the house!" Their job was completed in one day!
A ditch is dug for wiring
Labor and brain in action
Eating and working at the same time
Trench will be deep
Breaker box nightmare - power off for 4 hours during work
All conduit finally installed and buried 
We are wired
Base built on site
Unit is absolutely level
Waiting for propane gas to be hooked into unit
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  1. As I mentioned in my last blog, Arlene and I would love to live someplace quiet like you do. That's in the future though. It's so expensive around here. Maybe someday...

  2. that's awesome! i know it must be easier, too, to concentrate work and improvements on one home, again.

  3. It must be reassuring to know you will be taken care of in bad weather - nice addition.