Friday, July 17, 2015


I have a difficult time pulling myself up into the passenger seat in the truck and getting down as well since my shoulder break in May of 2012. I haven't ever driven it since we bought it in 2006. I had a small car and that did fine until we needed to pull in our "extras" when times got rough. We sold it to our son and that was a good thing. Now every time I need to go somewhere the Mister is my chauffeur. He never complains. He drives me to the dentist and doctor appointments, to the grocery store, to the laundromat, for a sight-seeing drive, to Target or Walmart - everywhere! We no longer need the truck. It has been good to us, driving back and forth to SC, three times a year, the past nine years! It was time to make a change before it had a severe mechanical breakdown or rusted away. Updating and downsizing was the plan.

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  1. Now you can be like everyone SUV!!! Enjoy it, and drive safely!! Will you continue to have a chauffeur? ----or can you drive this one and enjoy it?

  2. love the house to love log cabins

  3. Where you live looks so placid. Good luck with the new vehicle.

    Ya know, I wouldn't mind hearing a tale of mischief from earlier on. I may tell another one soon.

  4. Very nice... Joe especially likes the color. : )

  5. ps...regarding your question in my comments today...

    the yellow and red/orange cluster blossoming plant [2nd one] is called ixora I believe. And the blue/lavender cluster plant is called plumbago. Thanks Ms. G

  6. Congrats on the new car. Will you still have a chauffeur ?