Tuesday, December 30, 2014

It was a Year....

of personal life's happenings

of weddings - Two granddaughters were married.

of births - A 7th Great grandchild was born. A boy. A Great nephew was born. A boy.

of deaths - Morris, a beach friend died. Babe, a beach friend died. Mary, a beach friend died in a car accident. Rolley, a 2nd cousin died. Jimmy and Floyd, older farmers and close by neighbors died.

Oscar, my sister's aged Golden Retriever died.  Guiseppe, my daughter's young Boxer unexpectedly died. Barkley, my nearby neighbor's aged Weimaraner died.

of new beginnings - My sister got a new Cocker Spaniel puppy, Amos. My daughter got a new Boxer puppy, Massimo. My nephew's family has a new Beagle puppy, Dhango. My neighbor has a new Pocket Beagle puppy, C. J.

of a retirement - My special friend retired at age 70.

of accidents - A young grandson broke his clavicle. Another older grandson broke his foot and ankle, really seriously.

● of homemade maple syrup from my brother and great tomatoes from my daughter - of delicious home grown corn from a neighboring farm.

● of costly repairs to truck - of necessary battery replacements in both golf carts.

● of unexpected visits from old friends and family.

● of a planned visit with special friend.

● of our Pal going deaf at age 14.

● of me starting to use a cane - of the Mister injecting insulin - of visits to the dentist, opthalmologist, pulmonologist, cardiologist, podiatrist, urologist, chiropractor, and I forget who else!

Time moves on! 

The year 2014 is almost behind and as we prepare for 2015 - we wonder.....and look ahead.


  1. whether we're ready or not, time does march forward. :)

  2. WONDERFUL POST...sad, happy, endearing.!! I love your reflections on your year that we move forward. Hoping for more happiness than sadness.
    I wanted to stop by today to send along my best wished for you and your family in the year 2015. Happy New Year, and cheers.

  3. Fantastic post! You had a great year...and I wish you the same for 2015 as well :)